Bring Your Own Device


​​​​​​​​​​Our Vision 

At New Farm State School, eLearning is used to support new ways of collaborating and communicating. We aim to empower both students and teachers to transform teaching and learning, and prepare our students to be creative and critical thinkers within a local and global community. Through eLearning we aim to utilise authentic learning challenges with practical opportunities to foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, respect and cooperation. 


Year Levels 

In 2022, Year 3 to Year 6 students will be involved in the BYO program. All students in these year levels will be given the opportunity to voluntarily bring along an iPad to support and enable their learning. Teachers in other year levels may allow personal devices as a form of differentiation, depending on need. 

The only device allowed in our New Farm State School's BYO program is the iPad. 

​iPad Requirements 

All students will require an iPad that is capable of running the latest version of iOS, (iOS 16 operating system for iPads) and school-required apps. 

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are compatible with these devices – Apple Support (AU)

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Click the link below for access discounts for iPads and accessories. 

School Code (for parents/carers): NEWFARMSTATE2023 




(please check ports on your child's iPad to ensure the headphones are compatible) 

Optional extras: Keyboard case, Apple Pencil or stylus, AppleCare+ (insurance) 

iPads and the Curriculum  

Aim is to further develop skills in our students such as communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving skills, higher order thinking, risk-taking and computational thinking. We are motivated in continuing to increase the level of engagement fromot students with the curriculum, through the use of these devices.  As teachers we want to maintain, and continue to tap into, this motivation so that each child has the opportunity to learn in a fun, safe, engaging, challenging, differentiated, real world enviroment.  

Setting up your child's iPad 

The document below contains a step-by-step guide on how to set up your child's iPad. 

Setting Up Your Child's iPad 

iPadOS 16 instructions

Set up Family Sharing – Apple Support (AU)

Apple ID 

It is mandatory that the iPad is set up using your child's own Apple ID. This is established through the Family Sharing set up below. Please do not establish the iPad with a shared parent Apple ID. 

Create an Apple ID for your child – Apple Support (AU)

Family Sharing and Privacy Restrictions 

The document below contains both a step-by-step guide on how to set up family sharing, screen time and privacy restrictions in iOS 15. ​

2023 iPads Apps 

Recommendations and Guidelines 

General Precautions 

It is recommended that food or drink should not be next to your iPad when in use. 

Cords, cables and removable storage must be inserted into, and removed from the iPad carefully. 

The iPad should never be left in a car or any unsupervised area. 

Security and Insurance 

While the BYO iPads will be securely stored during break times, parents are encouraged to seek personal insurance. 

Damage in Transit 

All iPads will require a protective case or sleeve when being transported. 


iPads brought to school will need to be fully charged. 

iPad Terms of Use and Participation Agreement 

We require that an iPad Terms of Use Agreement be signed each year while your child is at the school. This is to ensure you are aware of annual changes to our ever-advancing program. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please click the link below to access our Information Booklet. Pages 9 to 20 contain the answers to frequently asked questions. 


Click the link to access our 2022 iPad Setup Guide. 

2022 BYOD iPad Terms of Use and Participation Agreement.pdf
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