Mission and values


School vision

At New Farm State School we strive for the achievement of excellence in educational and social outcomes for individuals within a context of social responsibility and global change. Our student leadership and curriculum programs facilitate the development of:

  • A strong sense of self

  • Innovative and enterprising learning

  • Effective communication

  • Active and responsible citizenship, and

  • Complex thinking skills.

School creed

I am proud of who I am and where I am from.

I love my country and my school.

I respect my teachers and my friends.

I will do my best to enjoy my time at school,

To be a good friend, to be honest and responsible,

And to learn.

Ours the future.

School profile

New Farm State School is representative of the complex and diverse community of which it is part.

Students attending New Farm live within a community constructed of approximately one-third non-Australian born residents. According to the most recent Australian bureau of statistics (ABS) data these are primarily from The United Kingdom, New Zealand and Italy. However approximately 25% of the local community speak a language other than English at home. These are predominantly Italian, Chinese languages and Spanish. Cultural sensitivity, tolerance and the celebration of diversity are features of our school and are developed through our student leadership program, arts and language other than English (LOTE) programs.

Indigenous families make up approximately 1.5% of the local population, which is generally reflected within the school community. Indigenous cultures are supported and celebrated through parental involvement, teacher aide programs and class units of work.

In addition to cultural diversity, the New Farm community also reflects a diverse social mix. The New Farm area provides emergency housing, shelters and hostels for individuals and families as well as a range of other low cost accommodation alternatives through to very elaborate dwellings. Within the New Farm area approximately 74% of the dwellings are flats or units. There are approximately 30% of students within the school who live in this type of dwelling. This is significant for our school and impacts on the activities that we offer in relation to physical activity and development.

Home computer ownership is increasing within the general population and the school. To support this our information communication technology (ICT) program aims to assist students, staff and the community to develop skills that are applicable to engage meaningfully with accepted community ICTs.

Within the community, the general trend is to gain post-secondary qualifications. The unemployment rate within the community is also generally low. This interest in education translates to a general valuing of education offered through our school, high community expectations in relation to service delivery and student performance and a desire to be involved in educational partnerships that relate to their children.

The notion of diversity is extended to family structure with the full range of family structures represented within our school.

Over the past three years, New Farm State School has shown significant growth. This growth has put some pressure on school facilities and play space. However it has been monitored though the school’s enrolment management plan (EMP) implemented since 2004.

Presently, New Farm State School boasts a full range of curriculum offerings including enhanced services in the areas of languages other than English, the arts and technology. Support services are also offered in literacy and numeracy and community influences are recognised through our school’s enrichment program, community education program and school curriculum plan.

Last reviewed 04 March 2020
Last updated 04 March 2020